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Callum Abbott BSc (Hons.) MSc, CPsychol, Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist

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Strive for Excellence

Top teams and athletes all over the world train hard, smart, and with support. The psychological side of competition and sport can be just as important as physical conditioning when striving for peak performance. After all, the mind is at the centre of our perceptions, skills, and emotions and can therefore impact on our behaviour and performance, for better or for worse, when it matters most.

Sport psychology can help support, educate, and explore evidence-based techniques which can help improve performance and support wellbeing by working alongside an athlete, team, or organisation in pursuit of peak performance.

Some examples of areas I work with:

  • Coping under pressure

  • Building confidence

  • Managing attention and focus

  • Wellbeing

  • Competition preparation

  • Managing emotions

  • Motivation

  • Adjusting to injury

  • Exercise adherence

Feel free to get in touch at or click 'make an enquiry' above if you'd like more information.

Working with:

  • Team Endpoint CeX (World Top 30 GS:GO and top 2 EU Rocket league 21-22)

  • The International Federation of Esports Coaches

  • Northampton University

Previous clients include:

  • Team Solary

  • Munster Rugby Gaming

  • LDN Esports

  • The University of Portsmouth

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