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Long Distance Runner (Athletics)

"Callum somehow articulates my ramblings and finds strategies I can do to help me independently overcome anything I throw at him. He has an exceptional ability to adapt in a session and I think this is because of his extensive knowledge as well as true compassion for individuals."

Mixed Martial Arts Competitor (MMA)

"Working with Callum to keep a level head in a combat sport was really important and had a massive effect on the positive outcome. Callum came up with a personal and structured plan for us to work on and delivered every time, every session seemed like we were making progress. He came prepared and helpped massively and I can't thank him enough."

Esports Competitor (League of Legends)

"Callum was crazy helpful and helped me tackle a lot of negative assumptions which held me back from being productive. His views, philosophies and activities helped me to understand where my train of thoughts were going wrong, stay focused and mindful and generally to be on an upwards swing in terms of my overall effectiveness.

He is also very nice and very patient! 10/10"


All individuals have given express written permission to use their words as testimonials in the hope of showing potential new clients what to expect working with Callum. All testimonials remain anonymous to protect client confidentiality as per ethical guidelines.

"Callum provides a highly professional sport psychology service and has an instant positive impact on clients through his ability to quickly establish a close connection with them. His comprehensive knowledge of–and adherence to–ethical guidelines and evidence-based practices is commendable, whilst his ability to facilitate well-being and performance through his caring and tailored approach makes him an invaluable asset to any organisation."

Performance Coach


"Callum has a brilliant approach to sports psychology in which he invests in you as a person, and not just as an athlete. The work I’ve done with Callum has helped me to be a happier version of myself in day-to-day life, and this in turn has had a positive impact on my ability to be a happier athlete" 

Long distance runner (Athletics)

"I recommend Callum as a sport psychologist. He is a nice, helpful guy with a lot of tools to fix problems. I'm sure he can help a lot of athletes to improve their performance and become better."

esports athlete (NLC - League of Legends)

Callum is a very kind person, who goes into the sessions with only the best interest of the individual. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and is able to express the information in a number of ways, catering to different people and their ways of learning

esports athlete (UKLC - League of Legends)

"Callum is an excellent Sport psychologist that is genuine and open minded, he really took it on himself to hear me out on my struggles from a psychological standpoint and on the spot had answers that helped the situation, both immediately and longterm. It really feels like Callum cares for his clients... 10/10"

esports athlete (UKLC - League of Legends)

"I learned techniques to improve my mental fortitude to combat performance issues namely consistency... if I needed to chat about any new problems that occurred over the week, we would discuss those and find ways to either solve them or mitigate their impact on my performance.

The results of the sessions were quite noticeable after about 5 weeks, by which time I had significantly climbed both in my individual results, and my satisfaction with my own play. It also helped me maintain a more consistent and pragmatic approach to improvement, which was less reliant on results and more on the process of learning"

esports athlete (UKLC - League of Legends)

"I Think Callum is one of the most down to earth and understanding psychologists I have ever met. Not only does he have the wisdom and knowledge of someone who has been in the field for a whole life time, but he also has the humor and wittiness that you can relate to as a fellow gamer... He is incredibly patient and makes sure you feel that you're comfortable while talking about stuff that might be hard."

esports athlete (UKLC - League of Legends)

"Callum has helped me greatly strengthen my mental fortitude, as well as assisting me in honing my concentration. He has given me the tools to take the first steps in conquering my mental demons, and shown me the value in Sports Psychology."

esports athlete (UKLC - League of Legends)

"Very calm and collected, always tried his best to understand the issues, relate to them and implement different methods to fix them. Used very good and applicable analogies to simplify the issues making them clearer in my head."

esports athlete (UKLC - League of Legends)


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