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Performance Psychology in Business

Sport and performance psychology can be highly beneficial for individuals working in a business setting who seek to enhance their performance. Sport psychology can help bolster work performance and help manage stress, aid in refining focus, motivation, confidence, and resilience. By incorporating sport psychology into your professional life, you can optimise your mindset, boost productivity, navigate challenges more adeptly, get the best out of your team, and elevate your performance within the workplace.

Corporate Coaching programme advert

Bespoke support for individuals and teams who want to excel in the workplace. For the corporate athlete expected to perform under pressure in the workplace.

For those who:

Are keen to cultivate a high-performance mindset

Are expected to perform under pressure 

Are committed to working towards success

Aspire for more in their career

Want to learn more about themselves

Want to work with a fully qualified and experienced Psychologist


Regular 1-to-1 consultancy sessions

Unlimited* 15-minute focus calls 

Ongoing online support via email and voice note (Via ‘Voxer’)

Access to key resources

Tailored support

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