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Psychology in Athletics: Raising the Bar

A set of hurdles on a track.

Psychology in Athletics: Raising the Bar

For track and field athletes, embracing sport psychology can be a game-changer. Beyond the physical skill required, excelling in track and field demands a resilient and focused mindset. Sport psychology can offer tools to help break through mental barriers, enhance focus, manage pre-competition nerves, and sustain confidence during critical moments.


By working with a Sport and Exercise Psychologist, you can expect to cultivate a mindset which prioritises both wellbeing and performance. Doubts can become determination, and anxieties can transform into a steady spring of self-belief. With sport psychology, you're not only refining your athletic abilities but also tapping into your mental potential, propelling you from being a skilled athlete to standing out as an exceptional one on the track and beyond. 


Having worked with local clubs and at a country-wide level with England Athletics on their Youth Talent Programme, if you're looking for support to reach the next step in your events, I am well placed to support you on this journey.

If you'd like to work together, see the services page here. 

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