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By working with a Sport and Exercise Psychologist, you can expect to cultivate a mindset which prioritises both wellbeing and performance. Doubts can become determination, and anxieties can transform into a steady spring of self-belief. With sport psychology, you're not only refining your athletic abilities but also tapping into your mental potential, propelling you from being a skilled athlete to standing out as an exceptional one on the field and beyond.


I have been working with athletes and performers across many different sport and performance domains (e.g., Track & Field, MMA, Skiing, Esports, Twitch streaming, American Football) for over 5 years now. Over this time, I have supported performers to overcome performance anxiety, breakthrough performance blocks/slumps, learn how to manage pressure, build resilience, enhance motivation, focus on wellbeing, make lifestyle changes, and achieve their goals.

I decided to train as a Sport Psychologist years ago when I played for an American Football team. I used to find myself getting so nervous before games that I’d forget tactics, wouldn’t eat before a match, and panic when a big crowd would come to watch. I was very competitive and a psychology student at the time so started exploring sport psychology more and more to get to the bottom of it, which eventually I did. This inspired me to learn more about the mind and how can impact performance, and then how I could help others do the same and achieve their goals. So many years later I’m now a BPS Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist registered with the HCPC.

If you have any questions or would like to work together, then get in touch at or call on +44 (0)7940997413.

At a Glance: 

Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist

HCPC Registered

BPS Member

FAA Level 3 Supervision of Mental Health First Aid Trained

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology, Loughborough University

BSc Psychology, University of York

Some clients I have worked with: 

England Athletics

D & T Athletics

Team Endpoint CeX (World Top 30 GS:GO and top 2 EU Rocket league)

Northampton University

The International Federation of Esports Coaches and G2 Esports

Team Solary

Munster Rugby Gaming

The University of Portsmouth

The University of Birmingham

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