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Psychology and Cycling

A group of cyclists racing.

Psychology and Cycling: Going Through the Mind's Gears

Cycling is not just about wattage, endurance and skill, its also a game of margins. Every small tweak and skill added to your toolkit can play a role in whether you achieve what you set out to or not. We've all heard of marginal gains in relation to the physical aspects of training such as nutrition or bike weight, so why not apply this to our minds as well?

If you are serious about working towards your goals, then making gains on your mindset, psychology, and mental skills are worthy pursuits. I work with cyclists using a range of performance and sport psychology approaches which support you to reach your goals. These can include working on resilience, motivation, confidence, training efficiency, well-being, pressure management and much more. 

Perhaps you're preparing for a competition, want to get back in the saddle after injury, or want to break through a performance block. If you'd like to work together, see the services page here. 

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