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Psychology in esports

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Watch the video above to learn more about my work as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist with Team Endpoint in esports. 

Psychology and esports: Mental and Mechanical

Esports is one of the fastest growing sporting disciplines in the UK, and with that comes a lot of learning, trial and error, perseverance for teams, coaches and players alike. Teams such as Faze clan, Fnatic, and Team Liquid are now recognising the importance of sport psychology and are now hiring professionals to support their players.

One of the most important and overlooked aspect of any esport athlete’s training regime is their mental game. At the top levels of the discipline where mechanical skills, game knowledge and talent are already excellent, all that can separate those who win from those who lose is their mental game. Mindset, resilience, nerve management, grit, routine development, motivation, confidence, communication, goal-setting and getting in the zone are some of the most important aspects of any successful esports athlete’s repertoire, which is where Sport Psychology in esports comes in.

In my work I prepare esports athletes for the pressures of competition, provide a space to learn and develop skills outside of their respective games, and ultimately nurture a robust and supported athlete ready to represent their team.

I have worked with teams to create organisational identities, a positive culture, and with individual players on nerves, goal-setting, confidence, performance enhancement and much more. If you'd like to work together, see the services page here. 

Several of my articles focus on esports specifically, so if you'd like to learn more about how sports psychology may be able to help then feel free to take a look here.

Accepting clients in all esports games, including:

League of Legends





Rainbow Six: Siege

Previous esport clients include:

G2 Esports

Team Endpoint


Munster Rugby Gaming

Pixel Bars Manchester

The International Federation of Esports Coaches


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